Dakar Rally

The Dakar Rally in impressive figures 

4: the number of titles up for grabs at the Dakar, including the motorcycle,
quad, car and truck categories

9: the record number of victories at the rally, held by Stéphane Peterhansel
with six wins on motorcycles and three in cars. 

14: the number of racing days at the 2012 Dakar. Timed specials will be 
contested on each stage, from January 1 to January 15.

27: the number of countries visited by the Dakar since its inception, with 
Peru making its debut this year 

50: the number of nationalities present at the rally 

133: the number of French competitors in the race, representing the biggest
national group with 18% of the total

 210: the number of organisation vehicles used at the rally on a daily basis 
(40 cars, 11 helicopters, 12 airplanes, 55 trucks, 5 buses, etc.) 

260: the number of journalists following the entire rally, with 1,800 accredited
members of the media (technicians, consultants, occasional visitors, etc.)

 742: the number of competitors taking part in the race 

980: the number of competitors participating as members of assistance teams

1,200: the estimated total hours of Dakar footage broadcast by TV channels
from all over the world (based on 2011 data)

1978: the 1st edition, dated 1979, kicked off on December 26 of that year

8,373: the number of kilometres covered between Mar del Plata and Lima, 
with 4,406 kilometres' worth of special stages for motorcycles and 4,191 for cars 

302,703: the number of fans following the Dakar's official Facebook page a few
days before the start of the race
710,000: in euros, the amount dedicated over seven years to the Actions Dakar
projects, which promote good environmental practices in eastern Senegal  

5 million: the number of spectators who came to see the Dakar start, finish or
pass by in 2011, in Argentina and Chile

73.5 million: the number of page views on the www.dakar.com website during
the 2011 edition of the rally 

1 billion: the number of TV viewers who watched pictures of the Dakar in 2011