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The picture was taken at Car-O-Liner´s world distributor conference.

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Tomorrow in Lima, Peru, the 35th Dakar Rally will get rolling, and for the fifth time in South America. Pewano will not be on the starting line this time. Instead we have been working hard but quietly at developing the car, the rally raid concept, partnership and sponsor programs and the organization of a new highly competitive team. 

We have an exciting new strategy and plan for 2013 pretty much in place, to test and race in cross country rallies during the year and to pair this with a new marketing, PR and client relation concept, which opens new marketing opportunities for partner companies. 

But right now we will be following the Dakar Rally 2013 on computers and TV, and especially our only Swedish competitor this year, Thomas Berglund, on his competitive Husaberg motorcycle. Good luck, Thomas, we keep our fingers crossed for you and wish you a fast, safe and successful Dakar rally!

And who knows, there might even be a very competitive Swedish team with Volvo XC60´s on the starting line for the 2014 Dakar Rally?


Pewano would like to congratulate Heico Sportiv, once again amongst the VLN Race champions at the Nürburgring-Nordschleife!

This Saturday Heico Sportiv was first to cross the finish line in the “Alternative Fuels” class at the VLN 250 Mile Race around the Nürburgring-Nordschleife with the Pewano built D5 engine. Pewano are proud to have delivered the powerful D5 Cross Country engine to Heico Sportiv.

Pewano originally built the D5 engine for our Cross Country rally challenges and we were exited over the opportunity to see how the D5 Cross Country spec, engine would stand in the competition with the other VLN Race contenders. With the result speaking for itself we at Pewano are confident enough to state that we also deliver environmentally friendly endurance race engines.


Pewano wish you all a happy summer - and we promise to be back after the holidays!


Pewano’s D5 RR race engine, originally developed for Cross Country challenges like the Dakar Rally, has now made its way to the world famous Nürburgring.

Heico Sportiv of Germany has in collaboration with Pewano and Volvo, adapted the race engine from our PEWANO XC60 RR to their VOLVO V40. Heico Sportiv will compete in the VLN Endurance Championship as well as the 24h of the Nurburgring. In these historical proving grounds, competition from both car factories and private teams are present. VLN Endurance represents one of the oldest German motor-racing series and stands for mass sports on the highest level.

The 2400cc D5 RR engine derives from the standard D5 engine, but has been specially designed and customized for racing conditions by the Pewano Team. It has undergone a lot of mechanical modifications together with a completely new engine management system. The race engine has been thoroughly tested over an extended period, both in advanced dyno facilities and in the field. The high torque and low fuel consumption has made our engine very suitable also for endurance racing.

We are proud to have Heico as a customer and to deliver our powerful D5 RR race engines for their new car. The engine will be fueled by Biodiesel, making it a powerplant for environmentally friendly racing.


The return trip from the Dakar Rally and Lima on January 20th has now reached its destination. The Pewano cars and Service truck, together with all the other European competitors' vehicles, arrived in Le Havre last Friday. On board of the cargo ship were 700 vehicles (including race, assistance, organization and press vehicles) and it took a total of 80 people to carry out the unloading procedures. 

We retrieved our vehicles this Tuesday and have just finished the road trip back home to Sweden and Gothenburg.


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» Cox hopes to race again

"That was the most amazing car I have ever driven in a race. She was strong, steady, extremely responsive; I never had to fight the steering or battle to correct her in a slide. The power and speed of this car was definitely amongst the top in the event and it was undoubtedly capable of a top-ten finish, if not a podium. The support we have had before the race was fantastic, but the support we got after the incident was simply overwhelming. Thank you to everyone who has been so extremely encouraging. We don't know what the future holds yet, but I would really like to drive the XC60 again."


Pewano started the 2012 Dakar rally with high intentions. The goal was to bring the PEWANO VOLVO XC60 RR to Lima and the podium within a top ten finish. Sadly enough we never got the opportunity to prove the car and ourselves. Me and the entire team is touched by the support so many of you have given us through this tough period. It’s truly heartwarming and we want to thank all of you!

Our car has now arrived to Lima without a chance to reach the podium this time. We have conducted a preliminary investigation of the car, being as thoroughly as we can given the circumstances. This accident is what is used to be called a “racing incident”. We discovered that a hose end to one of the power steering hoses at the steering rack was damaged and probably caused a major leakage of the power steering and hydro jack fluid. We have reached this conclusion based on the inspection of the car, the driver’s experience, location of the car in the dunes, the wind and fire direction.

When the 2012 Dakar rally ends in Lima, Peru on 15th January we will hand over all our vehicles to ASO (organizer of the Dakar rally) and their safe hands for the return shipping to Europe. By the middle of February we will collect them again in Le Havre, France, for transportation back to Sweden. 

Again, thank you for the support that we have received worldwide. The months of dedication and commitment by many people, it’s not for nothing.

Hans Sönksen
Team Manager