"Ready to show-off the new car"

Yesterday while making the last adjustments, installing the navigation equipment and ensuring everything is according to Race-Rules... Alfie Cox happily confirmed:

- We're ready to show-off the new car, and hopefully shut a few critics’ mouths this year.

He continues...

- At the same time we are not considered one of the main contenders and that suits me just fine. Let the opposition have it out and we will sit back and focus on the job at hand. The Dakar has proven over the years – if you work hard throughout, and bring the car home, chances are you finish in the top-ten. So that is our first aim. Then we will try and compete with the front-runners. I believe the Volvo is magnificent and can definitely compete with the front end of the field. Jürgen and I have been together for long enough; we will again work together as a good team; the whole mix should give us a good result. This is not a 3 or a 5 day rally, we race for 14 days over a total distance of 9000km. As in the past we will give it everything right to the last checkered flag.